​ a special visit from the

TCU Superfrog

Nina Burrows, Day School Director

           Director’s Message 

I believe that learning can and should be fun, especially in preschool! Our children have plenty of time to play, but we also take steps to ensure that these inquisitive minds are challenged and enriched. We provide an excellent learning environment, with a variety of engaging experiences.

I love my job. I get to watch children learn and grow, and I learn right along with them! I have a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, but I still learn something new every day. I get to work alongside of dedicated, talented, fun teachers and supportive families. This strong collaboration distinguishes our program and benefits our school.

My daughters went through FUMC preschool, and it was like an extended family. I strive to provide that same sense of security, comfort, and help to other new parents.

Before working at FUMC, I was a textbook editor and then a teacher. I taught first graders in Dallas for 6 years, and then worked as a Reading Recovery teacher in Fort Worth for 5 years. I joined FUMC preschool in 2003, after my second child was born. I taught Tuesday/Thursday 4’s, and was the Parents’ Day Out Director. Then, in 2007, I was hired as Preschool Director.

My husband, Mark, is also on staff here at FUMC. He serves as the Children’s Ministry Director. We met while teaching in Dallas, so it is nothing new for us to work together. We share a commitment to children and work hard to make FUMC a great place for families.

Finally, my door is always open to you and your child. Whether your child is a past, present, or future student at FUMC, I’d be delighted to visit with you, allay your fears, and answer any questions.


"Being a working mom brings no small level of guilt to any woman. Knowing that I had a place to bring my children where they would be treated with love and respect made this so much easier to deal with. I realized quickly that you all would help me wipe the tears, kiss the boo boos and cheer the victories when

I could not be there. I also realized quickly that you all did it with love" - Parent

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